10+ Most Popular Himachal Treks for This Season

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Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the most desirable travel destinations in India. The state’s transcendent beauty has attracted many wanderers over the centuries. This magical destination ranges from murmuring streams to frozen lakes. Including lush green landscapes, snow-capped peaks, sacred dwellings to enchanting enclaves.

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The most iconic gift that Himachal Pradesh has to offer is its winding paths dotted with golden foliage. Dense forests testify to their natural splendor.  Here are some of the treks in Himachal.

1. Kedarkantha Trek

Himachal Treks

If you’re into the idea of ​​snow trekking Kedarkantha is a safe bet. The trail, which starts at Sankri, is usually covered in fresh midwinter snow from December until April and can accommodate procrastinators’ plans. Climbing nearly 2000 feet each day, stunning campsites like Judah Ka Talab along the route add to the trail’s appeal. Fitness: The trek begins at  6000ft elevation and climbs steadily over the next few days. It’s a challenge to your core strength.

2. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass trek starts in the Kuru Manali Valley and continues from Lahore to the top of the Chandra Valley. The views of oak and walnut trees creeping through the dense forest canopy during the journey are simply mesmerizing. The surrounding landscape gradually changes from the lush green Kumanari to the almost barren Chandra valley. The hike is moderately strenuous given the elevation of the place, but the views from the top leave you feeling fresher than ever.

3. Pin Parvati Pass

The Pin Parvati Pass connects the Kullu and Spiti valleys. You will be mesmerized by the lush pines and forests of the Himalayas on one side and the view of the barren icy plains as you climb.
At the head of the valley is the Buddhist monastery Kihi Gompo and Thabo. Hot springs and, if you’re lucky, snow leopards can be the highlights of your trip.

4. Kinnaur Kailash Trek

The Kinnaur Kailash trek is strenuous and suitable for experienced trekkers only. The place has mythological significance and is said to be where Lord Shiva hid from the deadly demon, Bhasmasur until Lord Vishnu killed him. Supporting this story is the huge rock formation at the summit, which changes color in the sun and resembles a Shiva Lingam. Charanga pass is along the trekking route. The journey will enchant you with green valleys, orchards, and snow. A 10-12 day trek is enough to complete this trip.

5. Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund the trek along  Solang Valley is relatively easy even for beginners. The hike takes you to the Beas River valley where the river rises. Throughout most of the trek, you will see views of green trees and meadows frequented by shepherds. The trek to Beas Kund takes only two to three days but can get crowded when the tourist season hits its peak in October. Beas Kund is also the base camp for climbing Ladakh and Friendship Peak, increasing the number of visitors.

6. Chandratal Trek

Chandratar can be translated as Moon Lake. The place gets its name from a crescent-shaped lake in the arid region of the Spiti Valley. During the tourist season, the lake can be accessed from both the Batar Pass and the Kunzum Pass. The pastures near the lake are popular campgrounds, and in the spring they are covered with wildflowers. Suraj Thar Lake is also accessible from the Chandra Valley, about 30 km away.

7. Indrahar Pass Trekking

The Indrahar Pass is part of a popular trekking route from Dharamshala. Starting from the Kangra Valley, and crossing the Dhauladhar Mountains, the trek ends at the Ravi River Basin. Dodo trees, snow bridges, and winding mountain streams are the main attractions of this trip.

8. Triund trek

An easy hike for those who want a glimpse of the beauty of the Himalayas without breaking a sweat. The trail begins at Triund at the foot of the Dhauladhar Mountains and covers the idyllic route of Kangra and Chamba. The trek is a day trip from McLeod Ganj, known as Little Lhasa due to its large  Tibetan population. Deodorants, rhododendrons, and carefree cows await you.

9. Bhrigu Lake Trek

A moderately difficult journey, trekking Brig Lake can be a fascinating experience with friends, campfires, and stories during the ascent and descent. The lake is said to have been the residence of Brig his Maharshi. We have great religious significance. Be sure to visit before the lake starts to freeze in mid-June. Picture book valleys, trees, and wild berries will amaze you.

10. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

 The Meadow of Gaddi Shepherds and the hanging glacier of Deotiva Peak are the stalls of this trek. Journeys depart from Jagat Sukh, 6 km south of Manali. Trekkers can also see the  Pir Panjal range along the Rohtang Pass. During the hike, you can see colorful flowers, bubbling streams, and rocky bridges over streams.

 11. Kanamo Peak Trek

The  Kanamo Peak Trek is a great way to start the Himalayan Trail. What you have in front of you is nature in its most primitive form. Travel along the Spiti Valley and Chandratal Lake and witness the splendor of  Himalayan wildlife. Including Himalayan ibex, blue sheep, snow leopards, and Tibetan wolves. Local settlements and Tibetan monasteries tell stories of peace and tranquillity along the way.

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